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Botanique- 100% Vegan, Natural Cosmetics

This 100% certified vegan natural cosmetic range for hair and skin is free from animal ingredients, parabens, mineral oil, silicones, sulphates and alcohol.

Botany, the oldest branch of biology, is the study of the structure and function of plants. At Laboratoire Biosthetique, it has been paired with phytotherapy, the age-old scientific interest in the healing properties of plants. It is magic and medicine, provides health and alleviation, beauty and protection - everything from nature - from the power of plants.

The new La Biosthetique range Botanique Pure Nature pays homage to the amazing power of nature: the skin and hair care products achieve their effects exclusively with the use of valuable plant essences:

>100% certified natural cosmetics – 100% Pure Nature

>100% vegan – free from animal ingredients

>100% halal – production in accordance with halal criteria

>100% Global Social Responsibility – for global sustainability