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Facials & Beauty Treatments

You deserve to look and feel fabulous. And a deep nourishing facial will do just that…


15 minutesComplimentary

We analyze your skin with the unique LA BIOSTETHEQUE skin testing method, so we can advise which products suit your specific needs and target problem areas.

Beauty Refresh - 40 min $88

For when time is short, inculdes skin consultation, deep cleanse, exfoliate,mask,facial massage and moisturise

Beauty Spa- 60 min $105

Your experienced beauty expert will tailor your treatment to your skin's needs using the unique ingredients of the La Biostetique skincare range that works in harmony with the skin Choose from the 4 facials below


This deep cleansing facial uses the salt of the salicyclic acid to break up the congestion of oils on the skin to normalise sebum production. Based on naural herbal ingredients such as the anti-bacterial thyme oil, this medicinal skin treatment will help calm sore acne-prone skin,leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed.


This cooling treatment relieves sensitive delicate skin, restoring natural vitamin E and B levels to boost vitality and strength. The skin is gently cleansed,toned and then massaged using a cream rich in marine saccharides and red algae, which soothes the skin and promotes new cell generations.


This facial is ideal to combat the first signs on aging and replenishes tired and dry skin.This treatment will plump out any fine lines using a combination of vitamin A to boost collagen production and Vitamin E to soften the skin. A true indulgence for any skin type.


For all skin types, ideal facial treatment for men.

Firm and Tone Anti-Ageing Facial -75 mins $140

Advanced skin care with dynamic performance, this intense firming therapy works at a cellular level to rekindle cell activity and regenerative properties of the skin, that helps replenish moisture, minimise fine lines, firm and restore radiance to your skin.


Enzyme peel

skin regenerating peel for a fresh and radiant appearance. Contains natural papaya enzyme and seaweed extract to bring back youthfulness


VItal eye treatment 15min

A firming brown algae eye masque, a relaxing eye massage and a smoothing eye gel treatment that leaves the delicate eye area noticeably firmer and younger looking

Vitamin Boost


Vitamin A- Anti-ageing, skin smoothing treatment that reduces age spots, stubborn pigmentation and improves skin density and resilience. Vitamin A is also effectively used to improve skin clarity and clears skin congestion and occasionall breakoutsVitamin C- Brighten and lighten your skin with potent vitamin C, reducing wrinkles, fading pigmentation and naturally protecting against UVA and UVB damage.

VItamin C-Brighten and lighten your skin with potent vitamin C, reducing wrinkles , fading pigmentation and naturally protecting against UVA and UVB damage.

After your facial, treat yourself to a salon shampoo, scalp massage and blow wave to complete your beautiful experience.


Eyebrow Tint$21
Lash Tint$28
Lash & Brow Tint$40
Eyebrow Wax & Shape$23
Eyebrow Tint & Shape$37
Lash Tint & Brow Shape$42
Lash, Eyebrow Tint & Shape$53


Casual make-up$63
Special occasion make-up$73
Bridal trial make-up$63
Bridesmaids make-up$73
Bride make-up$93